Flood Clothing Co. Ink Flood

Flood Clothing Co. is a small batch, screen-printed t-shirt company run by me, Mike, out of a small studio / garage in the North-West of England. I'm the one who designs, collaborates, hand-prints, picks and packs all the orders. 

My initial inspiration to start Flood Clothing Co. came during a panicked few hours a number of years ago trying to scramble together a costume for a fancy dress party (we’ve all been there, I’m sure!). I decided that drawing a design onto an old white t-shirt, borrowing a stupid hat from my Dad and slapping a sticker on an old guitar in a vague attempt to imitate Kurt Cobain was probably my best option.

Sketching onto the T-shirt with a permanent marker proved to be surprisingly difficult task. This left me curious to know how to print T-shirts professionally. After a little bit of reading turned into a whole lot of research I became fascinated with the screen-printing process in particular.

After 5 years, some truly inspirational travels, a whole lot of practice and a full studio build later, I’m extremely proud to bring Flood Clothing Co. into fruition.

My aim is to bring you high quality, low impact clothing designed both in house and in collaboration with some truly wonderful designers and illustrators.  I look forward to introducing you to everyone involved along the way.

The Process.

Every T-shirt is screen-printed by hand. This method allows me to carefully monitor both the quality of production and the impact it has on my surroundings.

I truly believe that all negative effects to anything or anyone should be kept to an absolute minimum.

I only use water based inks in my studio as they’re much less harmful than the PVC based alternatives. They also give a much better finish to the final print. All the washing up is done with bio-degradable cleaning products too.


The T-Shirts.

I screen-print onto Earth Positive® T-shirts manufactured by Continental®. They’re all made from 100% Organic Cotton. The decision to use Continental® T-shirts wasn’t just for the high quality of their shirts. All their Earth Positive® range is manufactured using renewable energy and is certified as Climate Neutral. Continental® also runs an active social responsibility programme and is a member of the Fair Wear foundation that regularly monitors their commitment to the welfare of their employees.