Our Suppliers.

In the name of transparency here's a little bit about each of the suppliers we use for various different products in our Flood Clothing Co. Collections. We only work with manufacturers that reflect our own core values; the use of sustainable materials in production and to treat those that work in the factories with dignity and to pay them a fair wage for the work that they do.

Continental Clothing Co. is one of the worlds leading manufacturers and innovators in the Ethical clothing industry. We specifically use their Earth Positive brand of products that are produced using 100% GOTS approved Organic Cotton, dyed with GOTS approved chemicals in a closed loop water system, and made using renewable wind power. 

Another key reason to partner with Continental is their commitment to run an active social responsibility programme for all their workforce. They are a full member of the FairWear foundation, a non-profit organisation that oversees their commitment to this and it is through FairWear that we can be sure there is full transparency and that Continental stay in line with out own ethos.

A relative new kid on the block; Stanley/Stella was set up in 2012 to "offer products that respect people, the environment and customers." Like Continental they're a full member of the FairWear foundation and have a commitment to their staff and a consistent drive to improve performance in this area.
Stanley/Stella use 100% GOTS approved Organic Cotton in all of their T-shirts alongside Recycled Polyester in some of their other products in an attempt to make our economy more circular. They make fantastic products and we're extremely happy to have them as one of our partners.
Unlike most screen printing ink manufacturers, Permaset are dedicated to the sustainability of their products. They are the first non-UK ink manufacturer to receive UK Soil Association accreditation as well as passing the Oekotex Class 1 standard which means they're even safe to use on baby clothes. 
Permaset inks are fully water based containing no Plastics or PVC and don't require any chemicals to clean up. They also don't contain any toxic chemicals including white spirit that's often found in other water-based ink alternatives. All this helps to keep our working environment safe and means there are no harmful side effects to those wearing any of our clothes printed with them.